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Lance Kerwin had reading difficulties when he was younger.  His mother and stepfather called a family gathering and announced an around the table reading of Macbeth.  It became a regular feature of their family life, and he "became so involved in the play that his reading problems vanished." 
Lance Kerwin, a star forever ...
Lance was the youngest of 5 boys.  His mother, Lois, would often pick up and leave on adventures with them from an early age on.. (i.e., a 2 week trip to Mexico on the spur of the moment.)
Lance's stepfather is jazz musician Ernie Phillips, (older black gentleman), and Ernie's son from a
previous marriage often acted as Lance's bodyguard in the "James at 15-16 days." 

Lance's real brother Shane acted as Lance's stand in at times on
the show, as well.

During the "James" years, Lance's family lived on a rural property at Lake Elsinore, where they raised Dutch rabbits, chickens and goats.
Lance graduated from Elsinore Jr. High in 1975 with honors.  He was also a member of the school's advanced band.
One of Lance's brothers is a musician in Maui, (the brother he lived with for 2 summers), and another is a ski instructor in N. California.

Lance graduated from the Hollywood Professional Academy, and though he lives at the U-Turn for Christ ranch, he still owns a beach house in Mendocino,

(cribbed from YMS Homepage)

name: Lance Kerwin
born: November 6, 1960 in Newport Beach, CA
lives in: Perris, CA
status: married to wife, Yvonne

film projects:

"Cannon" (TV guest appearance) (1971)
"Reflections of Murder" (TV) (1973) Chip
"The Healers" (TV) (1974) Kennedy Brown
"The Greatest Gift" (TV) (1974) Ramey Holvak
"The Bridge of Adam Rush" (TV) (1974) Adam
"Little House on the Prairie" (TV guest appearance) (1974)
"The Holvak Family" (TV series) (1975)
"Wonder Woman" (TV guest appearance) (1976) Jeff Hadley
"The Loneliest Runner" (TV) (1976)
"Amelia Earhart" (TV) (1976) David Putnam
"Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy" (TV) (1977) Joe Jr.
"James at 15" (TV) (1977) James
"The Death of Richie" (TV) (1977)
"Bionic Woman" (TV guest appearance) (1977)
"James at 15" (TV series) (1977 - 1978) James
"Salem's Lot" (TV) (1979) Mark Petrie
Once Upon a Midnight Scarey (1979)
"Children of Divorce" (TV) (1980)
"The Boy Who Drank Too Much" (TV) (1980)
"Side Show" (TV) (1981)
"Advice to the Lovelorn" (TV) (1981) Larry Ames
"The Shooting" (TV) (1982)
"The Mysterious Stranger" (TV) (1982) 44
"A Killer in the Family" (TV) (1983)
"Murder She Wrote" (TV guest appearance) (1984) Eddie Frayne
Enemy Mine (1985) Wooster
"Challenger" (TV) (1990)
"Final Verdict" (TV) (1991) Harry Johnson
Outbreak (1995) American Mercenary
comments: Perhaps terminally cute Lance Kerwin will always be known for his role as the awkward but lovable teen he played so well in the excellent TV series "James at 15". He was so good in that role. And indeed, he's seemingly faded into bit-part oblivion ever since. No matter, his performance on that show earned him a place in our hearts; and the episodes, although somewhat dated, still showcase a fine young actor. He's had work since then, but nothing to compare to his glory days as James. Most recently showing up in a very bit part in 1995's Outbreak (see if you can find him in that tedious unbelievable film), we're not sure just what else the grown-up Lance has been up to (besides his little problem with the law back in 1989, he was arrested in San Francisco for possession of crack cocaine.) We'll always remember him as James at 15 (and 16).


Lance was recently married. He and his new wife, Yvonne, were married at U-Turn for Christ by Pastor Gerry Brown
Lance had that run-in with drugs, and the arrest in 1989 for cocaine possession. Those charges were dropped when it turned out not to be coke, but it was enough to scare Lance in the right direction. He joined U-Turn for Christ, a church in Southern California that provides non-medical rehab and Bible study for addicts. He now lives in Perris, CA where he helps raise his 5 year old daughter, Savanagh. He still works with U-Turn.